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I'm an audio journalist and podcaster – sometimes for work, sometimes for fun. A graduate from the University of Oregon, I've worked across local and national newsrooms from NPR in Washington, D.C. to KUOW and KLCC in the Pacific Northwest. I'm motivated by any story idea: from the ethics of genetic genealogy to marine mussel health, from correcting literary anthologies to the history of prohibition policing. I've told these stories across daily radio shows, documentary podcasts, and spot news stories.

I've had the opportunity to travel the world with my work. As a student, I spent time in Montreal and Ghana reporting subjects as diverse as journalistic safety in Afghanistan and the global response to the opioid epidemic. As a Fulbright alumnus in Berlin, I spoke with experts and officials on trans-Atlantic journalism in the 21st century. I began logging sounds from those experiences on an Anchor side-podcast project called "Listen Closely," which has since morphed into an ongoing project I characterize as "half mood board, half audio diary," which explores the experience and psychology of audio storytelling.

Outside of work I greatly enjoy hiking state and national parks, likely clogging the trail to stop and grab my 100th recording of trees and creeks. I'm currently breaking into blogging on a variety of subjects like the philosophy of Kierkegaard and the existential dread of growing up on Facebook. As a life-long musician, I write and score music for career and non-career projects: at the moment I'm working on expanding a series of lo-fi hip hop and funk albums. I hope to one day play a marathon game of D&D and I once got 3rd place in a college poetry slam.

Resume and references available upon request.

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